Become a Safer Pilot

Learn what to do in tough situations with our Pilot Proficiency Programs specifically tailored to Mooney Pilots and their aircraft.

“Safety is no Accident”

The Mooney Safety Foundation (DBA the MAPA Safety Foundation) is a non-profit organization chartered in 1990 to improve aviation safety for Mooney pilots (through safety training). The Safety Foundation is comprised of a diverse group of Mooney instructors that all share a deep commitment and passion for Mooney aircraft and aviation safety instruction. Through our association with the Mooney Aircraft Pilots Association (MAPA) and Mooney Flyer, the Mooney Safety Foundation provides:

  • Structured pilot proficiency programs (PPP) in various locations across the U.S.,
  • Aviation safety through articles, speeches, and scholarships,
  • A central location for pilots to seek and share Mooney and safety information.

Through our Mooney training programs, Mooney pilots can expect to:

  • Improve piloting skills,
  • Improve decision-making skills to ensure flight safety,
  • Increase awareness and decision-making skills to deal with maintenance issues,
  • Improve skills to handle emergencies,
  • Obtain information relating to Mooney airplanes and their safe operation.