Pilot Proficiency Program Registration

Improving aviation safety for Mooney pilots

Give us three days and we’ll make you a safer pilot!

Cost per person – $950 by check or $975 by credit card

(Note: if a refund is requested by a pilot who paid via credit card, there will be a $35 reduction in the refund to offset the transaction and administrative fees)

For planning purposes, we prefer to have registrations confirmed at least a month in advance of each PPP. Your registration for a course is secured only upon submission of this application and receipt of payment.

To register for an upcoming PPP:

  1. Please fill-in the required information in the form below and click on “Submit”.  An acknowledgement of your registration submittal will appear on the screen upon receipt of the registration.
  2. Mail your check payable to “MAPA Safety Foundation” to:
    MAPA Safety Foundation
    C/O Lela Hughes
    PO Box 455
    Mountain Home, TX 78058
    Or, call Lela Hughes at 210-289-6939 to provide your credit card info.
  3. Secure your specific hotel accommodations. Note that registration does not include lodging. About two weeks before the PPP, we will email you with final lodging, logistics, and scheduling details. While we will reserve a block of rooms, you will be required to contact the hotel direct to secure your specific accommodations


In the event of a cancellation before 4 weeks, full refund or place it at another PPP. 

  1. If you cancel 2 to 4 weeks prior to the PPP, you will forfeit $370 and the remainder can be put towards a future PPP.
  2. If you cancel 2-weeks prior to the PPP, you will forfeit $650 and the remainder can be put towards a future PPP.
  3. If you cancel within 2-weeks of the PPP, you will forfeit the entire amount. 

The directors will, however, take serious consideration as to what the weather and the pilot’s certification level are at the time. It is unfortunate, that we must break with our long-standing policies, but the change in the economic environment has forced us to enact this policy. 


Hotels are making us guarantee how many guest we have at least 10-20 days before the class, and we are penalized for the entire amount of the hotel stay when the pilot cancels within that 10-20 day period. Additionally, we have instructors that have made airline and rental car arrangements to attend which adds to the costs of the Program when students cancel.

If you would like credit for the new FAA Wings Program, please sign-up at www.FAASafety.govand request credit for our course after completion.

Please fill-in the following information to register for an upcoming program.