Improving aviation safety for Mooney pilots

The Mooney Safety Foundations’ Pilot Proficiency Programs continued to attract good groups of pilots through 2018. Here’s some photos from just some of our PPP’s. 

Here’s a few photos from our recent Fort Worth, TX PPP.  The program included night flight proficiency.


Here’s some photos from Melbourne, FL and Nashville, TN.

 Registrations Ralph Semb kick-off the Saturday morning session.
 Parvez Dara making sense of accident reports
Ground instruction before flying
Off to pre-flight!
 The Nashville group!
 Dinner and socializing!
 Dinner and socializing!

The Safety Foundation conducts five sessions a year across the country.  We constantly receive great feedback from the participants who are increasing their pilot proficiency, learning new safety and performance techniques for their airplanes, and making new friends along the way.   Here’s some photos from one of our Atlantic City PPP’s.

Ken demonstrates what he looks for while checking the oil


Ken and John discuss the components of the undercarriage inspection


 Mooneys on the ramp at Midlantic Jet Aviation FBO


 Caution for ‘heavy’ wake turbulence


 Slow flight maneuvers while maintaining altitude


 Speed brake techniques


Ken practicing stabilized approaches


Ken on short final into Cape May Airport


 Parvez and Dennis taking a break at Cape May


 Dennis and his Bravo departing Cape May


 Ken and his 201 departing Cape May


 Denny and his Ovation departing Cape May


 Weather brewing northeast of ACY


 Same weather outside the cockpit


 Dennis practicing steep turns  Another successful flight!



Here’s some photos from our 2010 PPP’s.  We’ve had a very good group of pilots including one that had just taken delivery of a M20K that morning!

Re:  Chattanooga PPP

Hi Ted,

I thoroughly enjoyed the PPP. My list of things to do is long and very important – Being able to discuss all these Mooney-specific issues with really knowledgeable staff was invaluable.

I also really valued my time in the air with you and John – and learned a whole lot – even employed major parts of it during my ride home – even used one of John’s OBS techniques and astounded myself!!

Thanks again for your dedication – Keep it up as long as you can.

Robert H.















Hello Ted,

On my return flight from Chattanooga, TN on May 23rd after the MAPA PPP, I had an alternator failure in my 1998 M20J. The Mooney PPP and your excellent instructors prepared me in handling this event. I was at a cruise altitude of 9000 feet when the “Low Voltage” light started to blink. I immediately checked the ALT CB, which was in, then recycled the ALT switch, with no change. I ran the checklist, and turned off my lights, minimized the avionics in use and advised ATC who told me to turn off the Mode S transponder. I declared an emergency just to be sure ATC would expedite me into the GSP Airport. I chose to lower the gear 15 minutes after the failure since I didn’t want to mess with the alternate gear extension method, and then landed with flaps up.

The FBO didn’t have maintenance on Sunday, so I spent the night at a hotel, and the next morning, Stevens Aviation fixed the wire that had broken off the alternator. It was only a 5 min. fix.

I just want to thank you Ted for the entire course, and especially the excellent flight instruction from Ralph Semb, who prepared me for the no flap landing after my alternator issue. That was the first time I practiced a no flap landing in years! This was my first Mooney PPP, and I really appreciate this invaluable course, especially since it helped me prepare for this emergency.


David L, M20J