Improving aviation safety for Mooney pilots

The Mooney Safety Foundation’s Board of Directors is comprised of a diverse group of Mooney pilots – all of which share a deep commitment and passion for Mooney aircraft and aviation safety. These instructors, and other regional instructors who meet our stringent criteria, typically conduct the Pilot Proficiency Programs.

Additionally, while our primary mission is to provide instruction through the Pilot Proficiency Programs, many of our instructors also provide initial Mooney instruction in order to satisfy insurance requirements.  So, if you’re buying your first Mooney, contact the Mooney Safety Foundation who will match you with an instructor based upon your geography and requirements.

  Name / Positions Credentials Home State: Territory
Jerry Johnson
President, Instructor
CFII SEL/MEL – Jerry retired from IBM and Lockheed-Martin where he held positions in industrial education and management.  His last assignment was in Air Traffic Mgmt in the FAA’s Fort Worth Air Traffic Control Center.  Jerry has experience as an AOPA instructor and in all Mooney models from M10, M18 , M20A thru TN, and M20U and M20V.  Jerry is a FAASTeam Rep for the Ft. Worth FSDO.  He owns a Mooney M20C, M20J, and an Aeronca 7AC.  He has been an instructor for over 25 years with over 13,000 hours and over 5000 hours in Mooneys.  While Jerry is also rated in gliders, he is current in Citation Jets and flies for various corporations in the Fort Worth area. TX:
Southwest states
Parvez Dara
Vice President, Instructor
ATP, MCFI SEL/MEL with an advanced ground Instructor rating – Parvez is a medical oncologist, was named the Eastern Region CFI of the year in 2007.  Parvez conducts medical safety programs for the FAA’s Wings Programs and is a FAASTeam Rep for the Philadelphia FSDO. He is a former Senior Aviation Medical Examiner in the State of NJ.  Parvez has owned a Mooney M20J and a M20M (Bravo) and currently owns a Bonanza A36. NJ:
Mid-Atlantic states
Ralph Semb
Treasurer, Instructor
CFII SEL/MEL – Ralph owns and manages several businesses in the Erving, MA area.   He is an avid instructor for both VFR and instrument flying. MA:
Northeast states
Jack Napoli
Secretary, Instructor
SEL, MEL, CFI, CFII, Advanced Ground Instruction.  Jack has been flying since 1965 (before he owned a car) and has over 7,000 hours of total flying time including 3,500+ hours in Mooneys. He currently owns a M20K-231.  Jack is retired from institutional pharmacy, ran an Investigational Drug Use Review Board, and had a private pharmacy consulting practice.  He splits his time between East Hampton, NY and Punta Gorda, FL. Long Island, NY:
Northeast states
Ted Corsones
Executive Director
ATP, MCFI.  Ted is an attorney and has 8,000 flight hours.
He holds the following certificates and privileges: ATP (airplane single & multiengine land and sea) with commercial privileges (glider and lighter-than-air free balloon).  Flight Instructor (airplane single and multiengine; instrument airplane; and glider) He owns a 1999 Mooney Eagle.
Northeast states
Jerry Proctor
Director, Instructor
CFII.  Obtained his private license in 1975 and Army rotor wing and multi fixed wing tickets in 1977-8.  Jerry did one tour flying helo’s and four tours flying turboprop reconnaissance airplanes in Germany and Korea.  Jerry is also a jump pilot and glider tow pilot.  He has owned a 231, a Bravo, and now owns a 2015 Acclaim S.  He has over 3,500 hours including 1,250 in multi-engine, 700 in Mooneys, and taildraggers, too. Sierra Vista, AZ:
Southwest states
Charles Haubrich
Director, Instructor
Commercial ASEL AMEL CFI CFII.  Charlie retired as president of a small company that designed, manufactured, and serviced custom Radio Frequency amplifiers for FM commercial broadcast, scientific, industrial, and medical customers.  As such, he flew a Cessna 310 extensively for sales and service travel throughout the US and Canada.  He has instructed for MAPASF since 2000 and has experience in Mooney models M20C through M20TN.  He is a recipient of FAA’s Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award and has over 9,900 hours in GA aircraft. Williamstown, NJ
Mid-Atlantic states
Mark Johnson
Emeriti Director, Instructor
ATP, CFII, SEL/MEL.  Mark is a corporate pilot in the Houston TX area flying a Citation 501 and a King Air 350.  He also has flown F-16s and F-117s in the Air Force and currently is a T-38 Flight Instructor at Sheppard AFB as a Reservist in the USAFR. He lives on a grass strip airpark in Cypress TX and owns an ’81 M20J.  Mark grew up around flying and has accumulated 7000+ hours, 2500 military and 1500 hours of it in Mooney aircraft. TX:
Southwest states
Bud Johnson
Emeriti Director, Instructor
CFII – Bud is the president of a strategic marketing consulting organization and was formerly a Director of a regional flight school in Connecticut. Bud specializes in teaching in the M20K and has logged more than 1,500 hours in that aircraft. CT:
Northeast states
John Pallante
Emeriti Director, Instructor
CFII – John has worked in the field of air traffic control since 1966 at towers and tracons throughout the east coast and now consults globally on ATC operations.  John is a CFII with a Gold Seal and Advanced Ground Instructors rating. He is an active FAASTeam Rep for the Philadelphia FSDO and owns a Mooney M20J. NJ:
Mid-Atlantic states
Tom Bush
Emeriti Director, Instructor
ATP, CFII, SEL/MEL, A&P Mechanic.  Tom is a retired US Navy Pilot and veteran of 25+ years active duty service flying F-14’s and F/A-18’s.  An active GA pilot and CFI since 1986, he is also a longtime owner of a highly modified 1965 M20E in addition to a few other airplanes.  Tom lives with his wife and two children – all of whom fly – at the Dry Creek Airport in Cypress, TX (TS07).  He is currently employed as a pilot for United Airlines flying Boeing 737’s. TX:
Southwest states
Rob McGuire  Director, Instructor CFII, CFI, CFI-G, MEI, AGI, IGI, ATP, Commercial SES, A&P, IA
Owner – InterTrek Technologies, LLC
Seattle Avionics Software – East Coast Sales
WWUH 91.3FM – Radio Announcer
Aero Advocates – Aviation Consultant
Southeast states