Proficiency Programs

Improving aviation safety for Mooney pilots

FAA regulations require a pilot to maintain currency in order to exercise the privileges for carrying passengers, carrying passengers at night, and/or instrument flying.  Depending on the situation, currency can be satisfied by a minimum of various operations (landings and take-offs, instrument approaches, etc.) AND Biannual Flight Reviews. However, currency doesn’t necessary equate to proficiency.  Currency is merely the minimum standards as required by the FAA to remain legal. Proficiency, on the other hand, is being prepared to handle aviation situations safely.
The Mooney Safety Foundation’s pilot proficiency programs focus on the skills that allow pilots to fly safely and with confidence.  Imagine how you would deal with following “What ifs”:


  • You see streaks of oil on the windshield?
  • You’re in solid IFR and you experience a failed gyro?
  • You’re in solid IFR and ATC doesn’t hear your radio calls?
  • You detect a subtle increase in vibration?
  • The #3 cylinder EGT goes noticeably high?
  • The low voltage light activates intermittently?
  • The landing gear chatters during extension?>
  • The landing gear does not retract?
  • Oil is dripping from the tail?
  • You really need to fly today and it is snowing like crazy?
  • You’re flying in winter and you and your passengers complain of headaches?
  • The kids say they are cold?
  • Your spouse will not fly with you?

These situations, and many more, are addressed in the Pilot Proficiency Programs. (Of course, our pilots get a BFR log-book sign-off, too.)

Subject: May PPP
Letter to the MAPA Log Editor –

I attended my first Mooney Safety Foundation Pilot Proficiency program in May. It was a superb experience! The instructors were knowledgeable and personable. The age and experience of the participants was diverse. The aircraft at the event ranged from early models to an Acclaim. The Mooney specific information provided and the skill building sessions were top notch. I wish I’d done it years ago. If you are thinking about attending – decide today to sign up. It is well worth a weekend to improve your skills and meet some new Mooney friends.

Thanks to all those at the Safety Foundation and MAPA that support this important effort.

Jay Fitch
Natchez, MS