Pilot Proficiency Program Agenda

Improving aviation safety for Mooney pilots

Most pilots come to the PPP’s for Mooney-specific flight instruction. Having a high-quality instructor who focuses on Mooneys makes all the difference. Flight training occurs in the pilots’ own aircraft and instructors are matched based on Mooney model experience.

Ground instruction is an essential component for safe operations and our emphasis is on enhanced safety and responsibilities for the Mooney pilot. During the program, participants are given ample opportunity to share experiences with fellow Mooney pilots and our instructors. And, as an added bonus, our ground instruction qualifies for credit in the FAA Wings Program.

The typical agenda below provides insight into the comprehensive areas covered and the mix between ground and flight instruction:

  • Weight and Balance review
  • GPS procedures and interpreting Instrument approach charts
  • How to prevent and handle emergencies
  • Flying by the Mooney numbers
  • Decision making and risk management
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Night flight
  • High performance engine management and leaning

When not flying on Saturday and Sunday, time is productively spent with at least the following:

  • Preflight and systems review
  • Accident review and prevention
  • Really getting to know your Mooney

In-flight maneuvers selected to qualify for participation in the FAA Wings program include:

  • Takeoffs and landings (normal, crosswind, high altitude, emergency)
  • Slow flight and stalls
  • Steep turns
  • Instrument procedures, holding, precision GPS, LOC, VOR and partial panel and loss of communication approaches
  • Emergencies and critical flight situations
  • In addition to required maneuvers, flexibility is provided to allow time for any special needs

Note: This typical agenda, of course, is always subject to change based on the specific requirements of each class.