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Improving aviation safety for Mooney pilots

Tight Grip, Not Good and Not Easy

By Jerry Proctor, MAPA SF I am not sure why, but at the young age of 66, I decided to learn how to play golf.  What also is special is, it was at my Wife’s urging and she even paid for my first ever golf lessons.  Well, how do you turn down a deal like…
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Know where you are!

Jerry Proctor CFII (Previously published in MAPA Log) I bet you think this is another watch the landmarks, know your surroundings, and check magnetic deviation article.  Nope, not this time.  So what do I mean? A couple of years ago, I gave a Flight Review and then an Instrument Proficiency Check to a Mooney Pilot…
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Look Ma, No Airspeed!

Jerry Proctor CFII (Previously published in MAPA Log) An experienced Mooney friend provided the material for this article; it is sort of an old classic but well worth reviewing.  I won’t use his real name, but let’s call him Jack. Jack has an 11 year old Acclaim.  He has owned it for a couple of…
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The 180 Degree Decision

Jerry Proctor CFII (Previously published in MAPA Log) I spent 40 years in the Army and more than a few times I heard the less than famous battle cry, ‘OK boys this isn’t looking so good, let’s do a ‘360’ and get the heck out of here’.  I have heard this stated in jest, both…
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Oxygen and Flight

By Parvez Dara MD, FACP, ATP, CFII, and MEI OXYGEN AND FLIGHT As humans we depend on energy. Our energy is created in little biological machinery present in the cells called mitochondria. these tiny powerhouses generate phosphates from converting (Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP) to Adenosine Diphosphate or ADP). phosphate groups are needed to move cells…
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OMG It’s Ice

By Parvez Dara MD, FACP, ATP, CFII, and MEI (Previously published on-line by Aviation Safety and SAFE) I was barely a pilot, quite private in my actions and decisions on that February afternoon. I was armed with the littlest of experience that comes with the fewest of hours and the largesse of ego. Flying was…
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Tapestry of Disaster: An Accident Story

By Parvez Dara

(Reprinted with permission of "FAA Aviation News".  This article originally appeared in the Fall 2002 Federal Air Surgeon’s Bulletin.)

There is Ice in the Air









By Bruce Jaeger
MAPA Safety Foundation, Board Member

(Previously published in MAPA Log, Dec. 2009)